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CNC manufacturing and idea prototyping

Revolutionize your product development with our CNC Manufacturing and Idea Prototyping services, offering precision and innovation. Our CNC routing and milling capabilities ensure the creation of intricate and accurate components, while laser cutting delivers impeccable precision. From concept to reality, we specialize in transforming ideas into tangible prototypes, enabling you to visualize and refine your designs effectively.

Harness the power of advanced machining techniques for unparalleled precision in producing complex parts. Whether you're in product development or prototyping, our services cater to diverse needs, providing a seamless journey from initial concept to the creation of high-quality, functional prototypes.

Our comprehensive range of services:

CNC Routing Services:

Precision at its finest. Utilize our CNC routing services to craft intricate designs with accuracy, ensuring the production of high-quality components for your projects.

CNC Milling Solutions:

Unleash the potential of CNC milling for versatile machining. Our services cover a spectrum of materials, producing detailed and precise parts tailored to your specifications.

Laser Cutting Expertise:

Achieve impeccable precision with our laser cutting services. From intricate patterns to complex shapes, our cutting-edge technology ensures the delivery of flawless components for your prototypes.

Idea Prototyping:

Turn concepts into reality with our comprehensive prototyping services. We guide you through the journey of transforming ideas into tangible prototypes, facilitating visualization and refinement.

Concept-to-Product Development:

Seamlessly navigate from concept to product with our end-to-end development solutions. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition, from ideation and prototyping to the production of refined, functional components.

Material Versatility:

Choose from a wide range of materials for your CNC manufacturing needs. Our services accommodate various materials, providing flexibility and adaptability to suit the requirements of your projects.

Advanced Machining Techniques:

Stay ahead with cutting-edge machining. Our use of advanced techniques guarantees precision and efficiency, enabling the production of complex parts with unmatched accuracy.

Functional Prototypes:

Craft prototypes that go beyond appearance. Our focus is on creating functional prototypes, allowing you to test and validate designs before advancing to full-scale production.

Innovation Consultation:

Partner with us for innovation consultation. We offer insights and recommendations, guiding you through the ideation and prototyping phases to achieve optimal results.

Quality Assurance:

Rely on our commitment to quality. Our stringent quality assurance measures ensure that every component produced through our CNC manufacturing and prototyping services meets the highest standards, guaranteeing satisfaction and reliability.

And More:

Offering a diverse range of additional services and solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses, demonstrating flexibility and a commitment to meeting varied requirements.

Partner with GEXIN GROUP for unparalleled expertise in CNC manufacturing, ensuring that your digital solutions not only meet the current industry standards but also anticipate future trends.


We break the project down into smaller, more manageable iterations called sprints. Each sprint typically lasts two to four weeks and is focused on delivering a set of prioritised features or user stories.

During the sprint planning meeting, we work with the client to prioritise the features or user stories that will be worked on during the upcoming sprint.
Certainly! Many clients opt for an agile approach, especially as user engagement uncovers new requests and features. We'll work closely with you, providing guidance and prioritising these elements as we progress.
Yes, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance services once your project goes live. This includes managing changes, minor upgrades, issue troubleshooting, and rectification to ensure your platform runs smoothly.
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